Monday, 30 April 2012


So let me tell u all something about my birthplace. The GREEN CITY, SILICON CITY, METROPOLITAN CITY etc etc. BANGALORE is famous for many things. It, being the capital of Karnataka and one of the metropolitan city, has grown larger day by day. I’m proud to say that I’m a Bangalorean. But unfortunately {or fortunately} I’m studying in Mysore.
Mysore is also famous for many things. Mysore palace, KRS, dasara festival, the heritage city. But after all, it is a small city. Why I call it a small city is ‘cos there is not much night life in this city. People here prefer to sleep by 9pm. So u won’t find much humans on the road after 9pm. So obviously the young blood of mysore needs night life. So you can see most of the guys in Bangalore during the weekends.
Me and my friend often come to Bangalore during weekends to party, roam, meet guys. Though my parents stay in Bangalore, when I come to Bangalore for the weekend fun,  I don’t inform them n I’ll stay in a lodge.
In Bangalore there will be parties happening on weekends. Be it str8 or gay parties. But there are many other places where you can be on a weekend.
1}CHIN lUNG: it’s a small bar and restaurant in the brigade road. It is the famous hangout spot for gays. All u gotta do is grab a chair n order a bear/wine. U can meet many of your old friends ,those with whom you’ve had sex long long ago, and some queers also.
2) GOLDEN BAR: i donno the road where this is located. but everyone who goes to chin lung, makes sure to visit this bar too. it is also a well maintained bar. it has 3floors. ground floor for the str8 guys, 1st floor for gays. and the basement. its a must visit for hangouts.
3)PARTIES: hosted by many gay party organisers. there is pink nation, fevernites or partysquare. there will surely be a party every saturday. and sometimes on sunday too. the crowd in all three parties are good. you can meet many many guys, old friends there.
4) the BRIGADE ROAD itself: yes. if not for any bar or pub, then u can surely roam on the brigade road to spend the weekend night. it will be so colorfull with beautifully dressed gals and guys.after a week long of hectic work, everyone needs a break. and u can surely see how that break colors up. just grab a beer and walk through the streets to fill ur eyes with guys.
5)CUBBON PARK:  just a walk on cubbon park could get you hooked up with the guy of your choice n he may take u to above mentioned places. yes. this park is mostly frequented by guys in the evening. bangalore guys prefer taking a walk in cubbon park before heading to chin lung or golden.

this is not just it. there are many house parties which happen on saturdays. but that happens in a very discreet manner.
 so enjoy your weekend in bangalore. 


  1. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me
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  2. Your blog is probably the best guide to the gay scene here in Bangalore. Thanks a ton. Loved your stories as well, especially the one about Sagar :-). Hope to hear more from you soon. Keep writing.

  3. Thank you sandy and James. Follow my blog for more updates. More the followers, more will I be enthusiastic to write.

  4. hey it's awesome dude really u helped a lot and i need one more clarification,wr can i hang up with lesb's.can u mention me the place plzzzz,it'll b helpfull for my fnzs.

  5. Hi rangs. Well till date, I have no clue about lesbians.whenever I go to Parties,I see lots of girls, but I'm not site if they are lesbians. I mean, being a gay,I can find out who is gay. But I can't find out if that girl is straight or lesbian.
    Try the golden bar at the end of brigade road or the famous chin lung bar. You can also spot some lesbians in the regular gay parties that happen on weekends

  6. great info...thank u

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  8. Good info! Lodges in Bangalore are clutched by people for weekend enjoyment and celebrations.

  9. Will u pls tell me where can I find gay hotel in Bangalore?

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  11. I was at a huge gay party recently, the club name was NO LIMITS, next to Garuda Mall. The party was organised by Fevernites and they even had some performances with hot male dancers wearing army costumes. I was surprised to find this kind of events in Bangalore, It was even better than gay parties I have attended in Delhi.

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  15. So called Green city,Silicon city but no basic amenities.
    Power cuts is the major problem.
    Narrow streets.It should be called backward and cheap city.
    One more thing-All Kanadigas are cheap class vulgar people.Illiterate and Uncivilized.