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THRISSUR POORAM: Every gay's dreamland

it was a last minute decision which took me to thrissur. my friend told me about the amazing things that happen in thrissur during pooram on wednesday, so i planned the trip on thursday. friday night i was on my trip to pooram. did i say amazing things??? well it sure was amazing, mind blowing.

DAY 1:
i reached thrissur early morning saturday. i met my other friends there who came from bangalore and we all booked a room in hotel. mind you, its very very costly in thrissur during pooram. the hotel rates reach sky. so better book your rooms in advance.

1st we decided to visit the temple as we would get kinky and dirty with the guys. the main deity of the city, vadakkunathan temple is situated right in the centre of the city and it covers almost 100acres. every vehicle, ever person has to cross this temple if he has to travel in the city anywhere and thats intersting planning of the city. the programmes had already begun. a set of devotees beat the drum {chande} infront of the temple which will be seated on the elephant. they do it so uniformly, rhythmically that u will just be mesmerized. they beat it for almost 1/2 an hour and the elephant doesnt shake a bit also. and the view of so many bare chested men beating the drum gives u goosebumps all over. if ur ear drum is weak, then these men will surely beat off your drum :)

friday night i had done my homework and had collected all the guys who were coming for the pooram. so i had enough me and my friends started meeting guys one by one. it was like everyone eating from the same plate, but one after one.

evening we again went to the temple ground for man hunting. kerala guys are a treat to watch, young and old, hairy and smooth, fair and tanned, guys with frenchie beard or smooth. what type u want, you'll get one. and all the guys look sexy. and if u are a bit loud in your dressing, then the eyes eat u out. i had dressed to get eaten. so all eyes were on me. guys were cooing, talking about me. but its a common thing for them and any visitor. there are so many guys who look sexy and u can not differentiate between a gay and a straight.

we even went to the famous gay spot THE STADIUM. but let me tell u about it later.

then by 1am night, i got one more guy. though married, he was looking so sexy with a hung dick. since i was also hungry for it, we both had a gr8 dinner.:)

early morning my friends had to leave back to mysore. so it was me all alone in an unknown city. but i had enough gays to gimme company. morning i went to the temple. it was the final day and the main day of the celebrations. its actually a competition between the temples of thrissur. so idols are carried on the elephant and the men beat the Chande infront of the elephant. every team does this, so you get to see many men. the temple ground will be literally packed with people that you cant even move sideways. so that makes u a dish which all the sexy guys can eat. i wore a dhoti so that it will be easy for the men to touch me :). so they did. someone grabbed my ass, someone's dick was rubbing my hand, i was smelling someone's man scent, and my eyes were full with MANy colours.

and then there was ELANGITHERA MELAM. the orchestra by the men. around 200 and more men beat the drums in the same rhythm for around 1hour. its a treat to watch so many men perform in unison. but sadly i missed it.

evening 4pm, there is a competition of changing umbrellas over the elephant. its again a house full ground with so many men. two set of elephants stand opposite to each other and then umbrellas are changed. its one of the best things to watch. i was mesmerized to watch so manyy people, so many elephants, so many umbrellas with so many different colors and patterns.

then comes the stadium part. without saying, this stadium is the meeting point for all gays after the pooram main day festival. it was not 10 or 20, i, with my own eyes witnessed around 300 guys in that small stadium ground and all were gays, its a real treat to watch them. half of your time in that ground will be spent in the state of shock seeing so many gays. if you just stand somewhere, a herd of ppl come and just start touching you. they dont even ask you if u r interested or not. but there is no need to ask. everyone will be sexy enough to atleast have sex once. so i was treated like a sugar candy. my cock became sore by some many blow jobs, i also got to taste enough of them.  i had been there on Saturday too, but there were around 40 guys. and saturdayy also i was satisfied by cock hungry bottoms.

its the ultimate dreamland every gay fantasizes. its one place, everyone should visit. but as usual beware of the policemen. and ya one more thing. the police in our state look so ugly with beer belly. but thrissur police also are so hot and sexy. you wish to touch them atleast. they are so friendly too. they dont create much nuisance also.

guys dont miss thrissur. go there at least once and experience the heaven 1st hand. whatever i tell you, its less. cos you should come there and experience yourself


  1. My goodness !!
    U Experienced An Heaven Out there

    Honey thanks for the info
    Next Time Im gonna Experience too P :P :P :P

    U Made me Horny IN THE Morning Itself by reading this :D :D :D Ufff ! Oooo La Laaa !!

  2. hmmm nice yaar. msg me 9916030398 bhuvan

    1. Looking at networking and making close friends...pls Whatsapp me on 9901300019

  3. 2015 festival i also want to join with u guys can i

    1. Looking at networking and making close friends...pls Whatsapp me on 9901300019

  4. Somebody please let me know where this stadium is. I know the round. I will b there in 2015 pooram first time. But not aware abt d staditm please help me.

  5. Looking at networking and making close friends...pls Whatsapp me on 9901300019

  6. U can ask anyone for the football ground. It's opposite to the private bus stand. And there s a museum next to the ground. This will help u find the way

  7. Doc..Your blog is such a lovely read...and I can vouchsafe for whatever you have said, having been there myself. But if you wouldnt take offence, I would like to ask you how you could have such reckless fun with so many strangers, being a doc yourself! :)

  8. Good post. Thrissur Pooram is the most popular festival celibrated here in the months of April or May, and is known for its parade of elaborately decorated elephants and generous use of firecrackers through the festivities. Explore all best Thrissur hotels also.

  9. I enjoyed your page.Did you have any privacy place to have fun with the guys in crowd or had to take them to your room. I agree all kerala guys are treat to watch. I had set experience with young kerala guys at combat ore and c henna during ayurvedic massage. I curse myself for having read your page so late ie.,after poor am festival is over. I will have to make it next year. What date is it doc?Thanks once again for sharing. You are very good in writing. Please write more about your other experiences.

  10. Nice post. ...i am also doc,I was in kerala for 3 years doing my PG

    But didn't get a chance to attend pooram ....didn't know it's so much FUN

    I will go next year for sure

  11. Today, it was thrissur pooram 2016... everything was same as you prescribed in your blog.. i had a very exciting experience during Elinjithara Melam.. it was a paradise for gay activities witnessed by gods.. even straight people not stopping us if we grouped down there.. in between hundreds of people i got a memorable blow job... thank you for your information.. actualy your blog was reference..

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  13. I was in thrissur this 2017 during pooram. Read my gay experience

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