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2017.  It’s been 26 years i am alive. Whoa. So much has changed, so many things have happened in my life. Looking back is so good already. 
Present day, i am this experienced little guy who grew up so fast and became old. This is how i feel of me sometimes. I am confident of myself, I love my body. I want to be alone and take care of things. I know what I am doing. In midst of all this, I have become so practical that the word love among homosexuals sounds so clich├ęd. I believe that a man loving a man is just not true. It’s just a fake licence to have sex. In my case, if I have sex with a guy and I enjoy it, then I start getting attracted to that person and later on delve into his other traits. Till then, I am good with sex. And trust me, a friendship after sex lasts for longer than all this ‘getting to know each other before sex’ bullshit. I do cross check enough the details needed to have sex with him. But gay partners, gay relationships etc doesn’t make much sense in a homophobic cou…
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My regular blog followers know how much addicted i am to mallu men and kerala cities. But every man gets bored of eating the same dish everytime. so i decided i'll venture out into other cities too. since nowadays i stay in north karnataka, and it is near to hyderabad, i thought of visiting the city for the weekend.

Hyderabad is a rising city. Bangaloreans would feel that they r seeing a 5years rewind of bangalore. Metro rail project is still in the starting mode, shopping malls are blooming up, new areas are being developed to accomodate the IT population which is slowly rising... this was the scene in bangalore 5years back. but Hyderabad is as big as bangalore and cleaner too. the connectivity is good, people here are very friendly, there s a decent night life. what more would a gay need!

food is something which is worthy to be mentioned. hyderabadis love food. u can see different kinds of restaurants in the city catering to all people from all over the world. and the food is r…


It’s that time of the year. Thrissur pooram is just few days away. So the regular go’ers will be excited about it. And for the beginners, read my full article about Thrissur pooram.  M sure u will be excited to visit this year. Here is the link.
Thrissur pooram main festival this year is on 29th of april 2015
Some tips and tricks to be used for the pooram.
1) Book your hotels n train tickets at the earliest. M sure the train n hotels are full already. Contact the local Thrissur guys who are reliable and get them to book a room for u.
2) Pack lots, aha, less clothes. The must have ones are 2- 3 white dhotis, ganjis, goggles, sun screen lotion and a pair of flip flops. It will be so hot n humid that it’s not advisable to wear shoes or loafers. Dhoti makes it cooler for the balls hanging down n also easier for the penetrating hands around you while white dhoti should attract lot of eyes. (buy dhotis smartly :P )
3)Plan ur trip so that you will reach Thrissur by 29th april 8am. Get fresh…


I LOVE YOU. three magical words and your world will change forever. such is the power of these words. everyone says it at one or the other point of life. be it a mother to his son, father to his son, a girl to his boyfriend, a brother to his sister or a gay to his partner. but when  you say these words, say it carefully cos  you will be directly impinging the receiver's heart. it may either bleed his heart or soothe his already bled heart. 

i love you in our gay community has lots of meaning. but i have heard these words during sex also. being a bottom. ive heard almost all bottoms utter these words. when the top is about to ejaculate, when he is the verge of achieveing his pleasure from the bottom's pandora hole, he bites your ear and utters these sweet words. and that sounds so sensual, you wish he is telling it for real.sometimes the top may not remember your name, but he will be in so much pleasure that he doesnt hesitate to tell u that he loves you. i love you dude... when…


everyone has fantasies. even i do. in fact i have so many fantasies that i have forgot many of them. but today was my lucky day i guess. 
i live in a rented single bedroom. the landlord's has 2sons. both are straight and are so fucking cute that any gay would go down on their knee for these 2guys. i m ready to do anything to just have a kiss with them. the elder one is of my age and he is a bit close to me.he is around 5.4" tall, fair, well built body, goatee, a pair of sexy eyes and lips that you'd wanna taste. he wears his pants low down the waist and dresses to kill.he s an artist and he is damn good at it. i was helping him for one of his assignment and i got to see bits and parts of his private parts. 
today he came to my building to take bath since he doesnt have water supply in his building. he was taking bath in the next room as it is not occupied. and there is a small gap between the windows from where u can view the whole room. i never bothered to look through bef…

THRISSUR POORAM: Every gay's dreamland

it was a last minute decision which took me to thrissur. my friend told me about the amazing things that happen in thrissur during pooram on wednesday, so i planned the trip on thursday. friday night i was on my trip to pooram. did i say amazing things??? well it sure was amazing, mind blowing.

DAY 1:
i reached thrissur early morning saturday. i met my other friends there who came from bangalore and we all booked a room in hotel. mind you, its very very costly in thrissur during pooram. the hotel rates reach sky. so better book your rooms in advance.

1st we decided to visit the temple as we would get kinky and dirty with the guys. the main deity of the city, vadakkunathan temple is situated right in the centre of the city and it covers almost 100acres. every vehicle, ever person has to cross this temple if he has to travel in the city anywhere and thats intersting planning of the city. the programmes had already begun. a set of devotees beat the drum {chande} infront of the temple whic…


there is this notion in mysore, that anyone who is not in PR and if he is been hooked up from the cruising place, then he s a straight guy who likes the blowjob given by gays. if that is the case, ive had too many straight guys. but i dont believe they remain straight after the experience with gays. so i picked this guy from the ground who looks like arjun kapoor of ISHAQZAADE movie. he is so tall, fair, handsome. i was ready to fall on my knees right there. i had sex with him 2 times. after that i got to know that he is an avid weed smoker. he is so much addicted to weed that his day starts with weed and end with weed. so i thought let me try it. i invited him to my room and he rolled me a weed. he told me particularly to lick the cigarette first so that u get good kick when u smoke. remember this. at first i didnt feel anything. it just was like tobacco cigarette. but after few minutes, my head started to roll. my head was literally rolling. and then i felt drowsy. my whole body was …