Sunday, 12 April 2015


It’s that time of the year. Thrissur pooram is just few days away. So the regular go’ers will be excited about it. And for the beginners, read my full article about Thrissur pooram.  M sure u will be excited to visit this year. Here is the link.
Thrissur pooram main festival this year is on 29th of april 2015
Some tips and tricks to be used for the pooram.
1) Book your hotels n train tickets at the earliest. M sure the train n hotels are full already. Contact the local Thrissur guys who are reliable and get them to book a room for u.
2) Pack lots, aha, less clothes. The must have ones are 2- 3 white dhotis, ganjis, goggles, sun screen lotion and a pair of flip flops. It will be so hot n humid that it’s not advisable to wear shoes or loafers. Dhoti makes it cooler for the balls hanging down n also easier for the penetrating hands around you while white dhoti should attract lot of eyes. (buy dhotis smartly :P )
3)Plan ur trip so that you will reach Thrissur by 29th april 8am. Get freshened up n start by 10am to the temple. The main procession and the other ones will be going on. So you can visit them. N more guys come early morning before it gets too sunny.
4) Don’t drink any water other than bottled mineral water. U don’t wanna catch loose motions n spoil ur trip.
5) Eat light and drink water/ juices well. U will need to keep up ur energy till 3am night as the festival proceedings happen for a very long time.
6) When in the cruising area, follow few rules. Don’t ever abandon ur friends and go alone with some other guy. Make sure to inform him if u r going. Don’t ever approach mallu guys who r in groups. They pretend to be homophopic when they r with their friends n they will get violent sometimes too.
7) Don’t miss…I am stressing it. DON’T MISS THE FIREWORKS AT   3am ON 30TH APRIL. It’s the best fireworks in whole india I suppose. So many fire crackers pierce the sky. N the bombs that explode will tear ur ears apart. No IMAX or full volume digital sound can give u such experience. See it first-hand.
8) On 30th april, by afternoon, u can plan to visit guruvayoor temple which is just 2hours from Thrissur. It’s another nice place to visit.
9) Enjoy to the core, but be safe.
10) help to maintain the city clean.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


I LOVE YOU. three magical words and your world will change forever. such is the power of these words. everyone says it at one or the other point of life. be it a mother to his son, father to his son, a girl to his boyfriend, a brother to his sister or a gay to his partner. but when  you say these words, say it carefully cos  you will be directly impinging the receiver's heart. it may either bleed his heart or soothe his already bled heart. 

i love you in our gay community has lots of meaning. but i have heard these words during sex also. being a bottom. ive heard almost all bottoms utter these words. when the top is about to ejaculate, when he is the verge of achieveing his pleasure from the bottom's pandora hole, he bites your ear and utters these sweet words. and that sounds so sensual, you wish he is telling it for real.sometimes the top may not remember your name, but he will be in so much pleasure that he doesnt hesitate to tell u that he loves you. i love you dude... when the top says i lovvvveeee youuu, that means you have served ur purpose as a bottom. 

but the interesting part is, when i topped my friend, i also uttered these words. i was almost about to cum, at that time, i told him in his ears, i love you. it just happened, and he moaned more in ecstacy. the words itself can make u go into ecstacy, that is its power. the bottom surrenders his man hole even more. 

but after the sex is done, you will forget that u even said i love you. so this is another type of saying i love you which has a lot of power but it goes hidden in the fire of sex. 

i surely say i love you if the bottom is very good at what he is. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013


everyone has fantasies. even i do. in fact i have so many fantasies that i have forgot many of them. but today was my lucky day i guess. 
i live in a rented single bedroom. the landlord's has 2sons. both are straight and are so fucking cute that any gay would go down on their knee for these 2guys. i m ready to do anything to just have a kiss with them. the elder one is of my age and he is a bit close to me.he is around 5.4" tall, fair, well built body, goatee, a pair of sexy eyes and lips that you'd wanna taste. he wears his pants low down the waist and dresses to kill.he s an artist and he is damn good at it. i was helping him for one of his assignment and i got to see bits and parts of his private parts. 

today he came to my building to take bath since he doesnt have water supply in his building. he was taking bath in the next room as it is not occupied. and there is a small gap between the windows from where u can view the whole room. i never bothered to look through before as the previous neighbour was not that hot. but this time, my kinky mind forced me to look into. i waited for around 20minutes. i guess he took shower for around 30minutes!!! then when he came out, it was worth the wait. i could only see below  his waist. he is hairy as all straight guys are. sexy and yummy thighs. and a flaccid cock surrounded by bushy pubic hairs. the best part was his ass. he has a well shaped ass. aaahhh. i had a hard on seeing him that way. i had butterflies in my stomach, my mind was so much stoned as if i had smoked 10 ganja joints. he was so smoking hot. disco lights shining in front of my eye, rock music banging my ear, feathers soothing my whole body. aaah. my fantasy came true.

i so wish he had invited me inside for a quickie. i would have blowed his mind out.

by the way, he is looking for someone gutsy and well built who can strip infront of him. he wants to sketch a nude male. m sure thousand of gays are ready to do that. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

THRISSUR POORAM: Every gay's dreamland

it was a last minute decision which took me to thrissur. my friend told me about the amazing things that happen in thrissur during pooram on wednesday, so i planned the trip on thursday. friday night i was on my trip to pooram. did i say amazing things??? well it sure was amazing, mind blowing.

DAY 1:
i reached thrissur early morning saturday. i met my other friends there who came from bangalore and we all booked a room in hotel. mind you, its very very costly in thrissur during pooram. the hotel rates reach sky. so better book your rooms in advance.

1st we decided to visit the temple as we would get kinky and dirty with the guys. the main deity of the city, vadakkunathan temple is situated right in the centre of the city and it covers almost 100acres. every vehicle, ever person has to cross this temple if he has to travel in the city anywhere and thats intersting planning of the city. the programmes had already begun. a set of devotees beat the drum {chande} infront of the temple which will be seated on the elephant. they do it so uniformly, rhythmically that u will just be mesmerized. they beat it for almost 1/2 an hour and the elephant doesnt shake a bit also. and the view of so many bare chested men beating the drum gives u goosebumps all over. if ur ear drum is weak, then these men will surely beat off your drum :)

friday night i had done my homework and had collected all the guys who were coming for the pooram. so i had enough me and my friends started meeting guys one by one. it was like everyone eating from the same plate, but one after one.

evening we again went to the temple ground for man hunting. kerala guys are a treat to watch, young and old, hairy and smooth, fair and tanned, guys with frenchie beard or smooth. what type u want, you'll get one. and all the guys look sexy. and if u are a bit loud in your dressing, then the eyes eat u out. i had dressed to get eaten. so all eyes were on me. guys were cooing, talking about me. but its a common thing for them and any visitor. there are so many guys who look sexy and u can not differentiate between a gay and a straight.

we even went to the famous gay spot THE STADIUM. but let me tell u about it later.

then by 1am night, i got one more guy. though married, he was looking so sexy with a hung dick. since i was also hungry for it, we both had a gr8 dinner.:)

early morning my friends had to leave back to mysore. so it was me all alone in an unknown city. but i had enough gays to gimme company. morning i went to the temple. it was the final day and the main day of the celebrations. its actually a competition between the temples of thrissur. so idols are carried on the elephant and the men beat the Chande infront of the elephant. every team does this, so you get to see many men. the temple ground will be literally packed with people that you cant even move sideways. so that makes u a dish which all the sexy guys can eat. i wore a dhoti so that it will be easy for the men to touch me :). so they did. someone grabbed my ass, someone's dick was rubbing my hand, i was smelling someone's man scent, and my eyes were full with MANy colours.

and then there was ELANGITHERA MELAM. the orchestra by the men. around 200 and more men beat the drums in the same rhythm for around 1hour. its a treat to watch so many men perform in unison. but sadly i missed it.

evening 4pm, there is a competition of changing umbrellas over the elephant. its again a house full ground with so many men. two set of elephants stand opposite to each other and then umbrellas are changed. its one of the best things to watch. i was mesmerized to watch so manyy people, so many elephants, so many umbrellas with so many different colors and patterns.

then comes the stadium part. without saying, this stadium is the meeting point for all gays after the pooram main day festival. it was not 10 or 20, i, with my own eyes witnessed around 300 guys in that small stadium ground and all were gays, its a real treat to watch them. half of your time in that ground will be spent in the state of shock seeing so many gays. if you just stand somewhere, a herd of ppl come and just start touching you. they dont even ask you if u r interested or not. but there is no need to ask. everyone will be sexy enough to atleast have sex once. so i was treated like a sugar candy. my cock became sore by some many blow jobs, i also got to taste enough of them.  i had been there on Saturday too, but there were around 40 guys. and saturdayy also i was satisfied by cock hungry bottoms.

its the ultimate dreamland every gay fantasizes. its one place, everyone should visit. but as usual beware of the policemen. and ya one more thing. the police in our state look so ugly with beer belly. but thrissur police also are so hot and sexy. you wish to touch them atleast. they are so friendly too. they dont create much nuisance also.

guys dont miss thrissur. go there at least once and experience the heaven 1st hand. whatever i tell you, its less. cos you should come there and experience yourself

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


there is this notion in mysore, that anyone who is not in PR and if he is been hooked up from the cruising place, then he s a straight guy who likes the blowjob given by gays. if that is the case, ive had too many straight guys. but i dont believe they remain straight after the experience with gays. 
so i picked this guy from the ground who looks like arjun kapoor of ISHAQZAADE movie. he is so tall, fair, handsome. i was ready to fall on my knees right there. i had sex with him 2 times. after that i got to know that he is an avid weed smoker. he is so much addicted to weed that his day starts with weed and end with weed.
so i thought let me try it. i invited him to my room and he rolled me a weed. he told me particularly to lick the cigarette first so that u get good kick when u smoke. remember this. at first i didnt feel anything. it just was like tobacco cigarette. but after few minutes, my head started to roll. my head was literally rolling. and then i felt drowsy. my whole body was relaxed and all i wanted to do was just lie on the bed. so i did. and when i lied down on the bed and started gazing the fan over the ceiling, then started the hallucinations. disco lights flashed, from different directions, different types of lights. then came the personalities. Abraham lincoln, obama, sonia gandhi, rajeev gandhi, rahul gandhi, brad pitt, hugh jackman. you feel so good to see them flash and go. and then came the different scenes. scenes of me having sex, scenes of me playing, running. i loved the hallucinations part.

when u smoke weed, u also feel very delusional. that means u feel something wrong will happen. this guy who was with me, i knew him since long long time. he was not at all a cheating type or bad guy. but i was feeling very scared. i thought he might strangle me, i thought he might rob my things and run away. that is the effect of weed. he just took a pillow to sleep down. i thought he is gonna kill me. so when u do weed, better do it with someone whom u trust completely or do it with risk.

 now is the interesting part. weed also causes hypersexuality. ur body temperature starts rising up, u feel so much adrenaline kicked into ur brain that u feel strong inside, yet ur body has lost control and u r lying on the bed. and if u have sex after weed, let me tell u, u will have the wildest and hot sex. u will ooze out lots and lots of cum too :) 

so what u waiting for??? get weed, choose a sexy guy or ur partner and smoke weed. get wild, get kinky, 
but dont get addicted to it. its one of the substance of addiction. do it once or occassionally, not everyday. have fun guys

Friday, 18 January 2013

Addicted to you

Everyone is addicted to some or the other thing. Accept it. It’s a fact. Cigarettes, weed, cocaine, booze, internet etc etc. everyone is addicted to some or the other thing. For some, social work may be an addiction. Some good some bad.
Even I have an addiction. My 2 friends. Ritesh and Naveen. Both are my big time addiction. I met ritesh through PR but later on, we became so close as we shared many things together. We both like guys, we both like parties, we both like night life, raat ki rani, as it Is called. Then came naveen. He also got into our group. So we are like 3 gems of mysore.
Now these 2 have become so much part of my everyday life that not even a single day passes on without seeing them or talking to them. I never tried judging what I m doing with them though many ppl said that its not good for my career or what I am doing. But still, whatever happens, I cant blame them for that. I am addicted to being with ritesh, so be it. Things are going on, so let it go on.
We are the JASPER and JASPER and JASPER.

So what or who is your addiction??? 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

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