Thursday, 9 May 2013


everyone has fantasies. even i do. in fact i have so many fantasies that i have forgot many of them. but today was my lucky day i guess. 
i live in a rented single bedroom. the landlord's has 2sons. both are straight and are so fucking cute that any gay would go down on their knee for these 2guys. i m ready to do anything to just have a kiss with them. the elder one is of my age and he is a bit close to me.he is around 5.4" tall, fair, well built body, goatee, a pair of sexy eyes and lips that you'd wanna taste. he wears his pants low down the waist and dresses to kill.he s an artist and he is damn good at it. i was helping him for one of his assignment and i got to see bits and parts of his private parts. 

today he came to my building to take bath since he doesnt have water supply in his building. he was taking bath in the next room as it is not occupied. and there is a small gap between the windows from where u can view the whole room. i never bothered to look through before as the previous neighbour was not that hot. but this time, my kinky mind forced me to look into. i waited for around 20minutes. i guess he took shower for around 30minutes!!! then when he came out, it was worth the wait. i could only see below  his waist. he is hairy as all straight guys are. sexy and yummy thighs. and a flaccid cock surrounded by bushy pubic hairs. the best part was his ass. he has a well shaped ass. aaahhh. i had a hard on seeing him that way. i had butterflies in my stomach, my mind was so much stoned as if i had smoked 10 ganja joints. he was so smoking hot. disco lights shining in front of my eye, rock music banging my ear, feathers soothing my whole body. aaah. my fantasy came true.

i so wish he had invited me inside for a quickie. i would have blowed his mind out.

by the way, he is looking for someone gutsy and well built who can strip infront of him. he wants to sketch a nude male. m sure thousand of gays are ready to do that. 

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