Saturday, 18 May 2013


I LOVE YOU. three magical words and your world will change forever. such is the power of these words. everyone says it at one or the other point of life. be it a mother to his son, father to his son, a girl to his boyfriend, a brother to his sister or a gay to his partner. but when  you say these words, say it carefully cos  you will be directly impinging the receiver's heart. it may either bleed his heart or soothe his already bled heart. 

i love you in our gay community has lots of meaning. but i have heard these words during sex also. being a bottom. ive heard almost all bottoms utter these words. when the top is about to ejaculate, when he is the verge of achieveing his pleasure from the bottom's pandora hole, he bites your ear and utters these sweet words. and that sounds so sensual, you wish he is telling it for real.sometimes the top may not remember your name, but he will be in so much pleasure that he doesnt hesitate to tell u that he loves you. i love you dude... when the top says i lovvvveeee youuu, that means you have served ur purpose as a bottom. 

but the interesting part is, when i topped my friend, i also uttered these words. i was almost about to cum, at that time, i told him in his ears, i love you. it just happened, and he moaned more in ecstacy. the words itself can make u go into ecstacy, that is its power. the bottom surrenders his man hole even more. 

but after the sex is done, you will forget that u even said i love you. so this is another type of saying i love you which has a lot of power but it goes hidden in the fire of sex. 

i surely say i love you if the bottom is very good at what he is. 

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