Thursday, 6 December 2012

Good looks, good looks and good looks

All medicos know about the famous medical tv series House MD. I’m so much into it; I’m not able to study for internals too. It is good and it is helpful for the medical education.
Anyways, coming to the main point, in one of the episode, house says that girls usually go for good looks than the qualification, your salary, or your property. If u wanna know why house says this, then google HOUSE MD and see Robert chase in the cast of house md. 
 So is it really good looks which matters? I think yes. In house, chase is sexy as greek god and he is house’s assistant. He and house go on a speed dating where house challenges chase that he wil get a dozen of girls’ number even If he doesn’t tell them he s a doctor or where he works. In front of girls, Chase pretends to be a jobless, hopeless freak who doesn’t care for anything. But at the end of speed dating, chase gets more than 20girls’ numbers!!!
 This applies the same in case of gays too. The minute you jump into PR, you start searching for guys who are sexy to look, masculine, gym built. And if that hot guy replies to your message, you will be standing on your heels to meet him without even thinking about anything. I agree looks matters. But I guess other things also matters. I’m sure there are many who beg to differ from this. But I myself have seen many guys who are desperate if the guy is picture perfect. Same thing happened with me too. There was a profile in mysore PR room. He had his naked pics. OMG was he hot? He was burning with hotness. Sculpted body, masculine face, short hairs, and a smile. All that can make u go weak on your knees. But after few msgs, I got to know its my friend only who has put some model’s pics which looked so real.
So guys, don’t get bowled over by looks. It can be a cat inside tiger’s skin.

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