Friday, 18 January 2013

Addicted to you

Everyone is addicted to some or the other thing. Accept it. It’s a fact. Cigarettes, weed, cocaine, booze, internet etc etc. everyone is addicted to some or the other thing. For some, social work may be an addiction. Some good some bad.
Even I have an addiction. My 2 friends. Ritesh and Naveen. Both are my big time addiction. I met ritesh through PR but later on, we became so close as we shared many things together. We both like guys, we both like parties, we both like night life, raat ki rani, as it Is called. Then came naveen. He also got into our group. So we are like 3 gems of mysore.
Now these 2 have become so much part of my everyday life that not even a single day passes on without seeing them or talking to them. I never tried judging what I m doing with them though many ppl said that its not good for my career or what I am doing. But still, whatever happens, I cant blame them for that. I am addicted to being with ritesh, so be it. Things are going on, so let it go on.
We are the JASPER and JASPER and JASPER.

So what or who is your addiction??? 

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