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Today, I was just going through the apps in Google play store and I discovered some wacky “GAY” related apps. Gayometer, gaydar, advantages of being gay, gay stories, gay true stories, PR app etc. of these, most interesting was the advantages of being gay. Its presented as an ebook with 100 reasons why being gay is advantageous. I’m not gonna bore u with all 100 reasons. I’m gonna list out few of them which are true to a maximum extent
1)      You can call anyone “honey” including pets.
2)      You can tell a woman you love her bathing suit and mean her bathing suit
3)      You really have “been there, done that”
4)      Your woman friends wil tell you everything you want to know about their boyfriends
5)      You are the only type of male who gets to say “fabulous”
6)      You can have naked pics of men u don’t know in your home
7)      You can have naked men u don’t know in your home {very true}
8)      you’ve always got an opinion
9)      you have read the book, seen the movie, done the musical {true in my case atleast}
10)   you know how to dress strategically
11)   you know that being called a “cheap slut” isn’t actually an insult
12)   You choose the most fabulous greeting cards.
13)   You’ve got sunscreen at every conceivable SPF level
14)    Some of your best friends are your EX lovers {so true in my case}
15)   You know when to play dumb. {100% true}
16)   Yes, you do have a condom {guys better follow this}
17)   You’ve made sunbathing a performance art. {read goa beaches}
18)   You know when the party is over
19)   You know where to go when the party is over
20)   You know that pigs and bears are not  necessarily rural wildlife
21)   Your roommate can be your roommate and not your “roommate”
22)   You’ll never have to hear your mother complain about your wife
23)   You have shaved something other than your face
24)   When someone turns his back on you, you actually consider it an opportunity.
25)   You’ve actually lived out some of your fantasies
26)   You are ALWAYS ready for your close-up
27)   You can lip sync to at least one English song
28)   You know exactly how many martinis it takes
Well. Out of 100 reasons quoted, I liked so many of them. Just read them and u realize that it somewhat matches your lifestyle. How amazing.
P.s: it’s not my creation, but copied from an ebook. Although, after writing this, I’d like to write about typical gay men. So await for that guys.
I love you all.


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