Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fun, yet lonely weekend

As the clock ticks, another weekend comes to an end. So how was your weekend? Well, my weekend was rocking as hell. Saturday night was full of fun as I had a sexy guy to dance with In the pub. On Sunday my friend came down from Bangalore to meet me. Me, my close friend ritesh and the blr guy nihal hooked up with a straight guy who likes the pleasure given by the gays. I guess all guys love gays. This guy was so picture perfect. 6ft tall, fair, long smooth hair, fair and a chiseled body. Wow. What more can we ask for? But he was shy as we were 3 of us. So we blindfolded him then did our magic on him. That’s something worth not forgetting.
Later, we went to a waterfall. Sunday evening my friend from goa came down. This guy, I had met him in goa when I visited 3rd time. Cute, young, hot 21yr old top. i took him to the pub in mysore where we gays go every weekends. Oh my god. Whole of the pub was eyeing him with lust. This is what happenes when a gay gets another sexy gay to a gay’s gathering. They all wanted him. But lucky me, he had hooked up with me. Had a nice time with him.
But why am I writing this? Any gay would hook up with another guy on a Sunday. Still, I wanted something more for this day. They say, Sunday is to laze around. Wake up late morning, have a homemade brunch, meet your friends. Then watch a movie. Then at evening go on a date. Then by night, have steamy sex with ur date. On top of doing all this, I felt I was alone. Even right at this time, when m writing this, the guy is sleeping next to me. But still I feel lonely. I need that guy who can have a cigarette with me on my building terrace, talk for long time “after sex”.
Every gay gets boring after sex. Or may be that happens in my case. This guy is already snoring. J

That’s all for the night. Though it’s silly, I felt like sharing this with u all. I hope coming weekends will be different


  1. Wow that was worth reading!!!!!! You seem to be interesting. Inbox me at I'll look forward to you

  2. i dont know what to say, as said by gopala krishna adiga - Iruvudellava bittu iradiduredege thudivude jeevana (May be life is after all leaving everything aside u have with u and longing for what u dont have). Anyway it was a nice read, hope u find what u want.

  3. @yugu, yes that is true. Whatever wee have, or whatever we get won't be enough anytime. But I'm not asking for something impossible. I need a guy who can give me what he can